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I consider public service an honor and have felt privileged  to serve McHenry County as your District 5 representative and vice-chairman
of the county board.

I believe in being responsive and responsible to my constituents and
strive to make my decisions based on what is right for McHenry County
and its residents. This has led me to drive and support decisions that
have resulted in positive changes for our county, including better roads
and highways through improvement of our transportation infrastructure,
increased support of our environment and groundwater protection,
preservation of farmland, an increased cash reserve and an AA+
financial rating for the first time in the county's history.

I am proud to be a leader of our county and ask for your support and vote on November 4th.

Thank you,
John Jung, Jr.

John's leadership has made my county a better place to
live and work. I want to continue to support positive change
in our county.

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