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McHenry County Successes

As Vice-Chairman, John and the current County Board leadership have brought progressive, positive change on issues that are relevant to the citizens of McHenry County.

Smart money management

For the first time in County Board history, the County has been able to obtain a Moody’s bond rating of AA+, reflective of the strong credit fundamentals and solid financial operations inherent in the county’s financial model and strategic plan. Because of these proactive policies, the county is well-situated to weather any economic slowdown with a five-month cash reserve.

Improved transportation infrastructure

Because of our strong financial position, we are now able to dedicate 50 million dollars to improve our transportation infrastructure. Other transportation improvements include the widening of Algonquin Road from Randall Road to Route 47, installation of stop sign flashers at the intersection of Ackman and Lakewood Roads and the expansion of Rakow Road – all in response to the concerns of McHenry County residents.

Increased protection of our natural resources

The county recently passed a conservation designed ordinance that encourages more environmentally-friendly development and protects sensitive water recharge areas. The County Board also established a Groundwater Protection Program Task Force to develop groundwater protection policies for McHenry County.

In addition, the county’s Farmland Preservation task force is working toward a goal of preserving and protecting our agricultural lands.

Commitment to saving our environment

Under its current leadership, McHenry County became the first county in the state of Illinois to become a member of the United States Green Building Council. The county has also established a “Green Team”, dedicated to bringing energy efficient opportunities to county facilities, including the replacement of a 35-year old HVAC infrastructure that will save at least $426,000 for the county over a 10-year period.

More humane animal control

The county recently built a state-of-the-art animal control and adoption facility in Crystal Lake.  Because if its new central location, there has been more awareness of the animal adoption services offered by the county, resulting on more adopted animals and reducing the need for euthanization.

"John has gone to Springfield several
 times to lobby for money to improve our  transportation infrastructure and has
 worked tirelessly to ensure the
 successful completion of the
 2030 plan."

–Ken Koehler, Chairman,
  McHenry County Board

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