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John became interested in politics as a college student at St. Mary’s University in Texas, where he volunteered for a number of local government campaigns and civil rights organizations. His passion for community service continued, and after moving to McHenry County, he remained involved in local politics and volunteer organizations. In 1992, John was appointed as a Richmond Township committeeman, followed by a successful run for Dorr Township (precinct 11) committeeman. His dedication to his constituents enabled him to be elected to the County Board, where he was then chosen by his peers to serve as vice-chairman.

Throughout his political career, John has stayed true to his belief in improving the quality of life within his community. As a county board member, this means, among other things, fostering cooperation between the county and its municipalities, nurturing bi-partisan relationships, and working hard to keep county government effective, efficient and accountable to the citizens of McHenry County.

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