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Government and Political Experience

When it comes to politics and government, John believes in doing what is right for McHenry County. Because of this, he has been able to make hard decisions based on fact and in the best interest of his constituents, and not on the whims of special interest groups. As vice-chairman, John has encouraged transparency and open discussion on issues that come before the county board.

Government Experience

  • McHenry County Board, Vice-Chairman
  • Past chairman of Human Resource committee
  • Liaison to McHenry County 2030 Regional Planning Commission
  • Member of the Chairman’s Advisory Council
  • Member of McHenry County’s Human Relations Council
  • Introduced Youth Peer Jury System to the County Board
  • Past committees include
  • Law and Justice
  • Storm Water Management
  • Liquor and License
  • Management Service
  • McHenry County’s representative to Chicago’s 2016 Olympic Bid Committee

Political Experience

  • Chairman Dorr Township Republican Party
  • Current committeeman for Precinct Dorr 11
  • Former committeeman for Precinct Richmond 3

John is a strong and effective voice for
 law enforcement.”

Keith Nygren, Sheriff,
  McHenry County

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