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John Groundwater Protection

The county’s groundwater study – for which we obtained federal funding - has shown that there will eventually be a deficit in the quantity and quality of the county’s groundwater. The shortage of water will reduce not only economic growth but will also reduce our drinking water supply. This is a critical issue to our county and I am proud to say that the board is currently working on a groundwater ordinance to protect out water supply. I fully support the county’s recent decision to appoint a Water Resources Manager, whose goal it is to bring together local government and interest groups in order to develop a groundwater protection program for McHenry County.

John supports the county’s 3-D Geological Mapping project. 3-D mapping will improve our understanding of water recharge areas; of geology as it relates to ecosystems (wetlands, prairies, etc.); and of the geology that may relate to natural hazards (slope stability
and soil erosion).

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