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John on the 2030 Plan

Without a strong, proactive regional plan, the implementation of the above stated issues will be difficult to achieve. In order to protect, preserve and improve our quality of life in McHenry County, it is imperative to approve and implement this plan in a timely manner. That’s why, as a liaison for McHenry County’s 2030 plan, it is so important to me to facilitate cooperation between all parties involved, driving its completion with as much focus and as little controversy as possible.

I am proud that my role as liaison between the County Board and the commission working on the county’s 2030 plan has led the Northwest Herald to name me a “Difference Maker” and instrumental in the successful completion of this plan.

For more information on the 2030 plan, please click here.

"John is a steady, knowledgeable and
 caring representative."

–Ann Hughes, former State Representative

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